Shelves and Lockers

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The Planq Cubic Shelving System.

Cubics is a functional and flexible display and storage system. Made from innovative materials designed according to the principles of a circular economy. Upcycling of leftover textiles into high-quality and functional products provides a tailor-made solution, suitable for both the commercial and domestic environment. The sleek design of the Cubics display and storage system with 20 x 20 steel tube frames gives a timeless and refined interpretation to both work and the private environment. Thanks to the flexible system, the boxes and compartments can be changed manually and can be retracted on 2 sides. This allows you to adjust your setup in several options. 

The Cubics storage system is a sophisticated take on functional design. It is not only a caste system, but a small part of the DNA. Your company's DNA reminds you not to waste valuable materials and helps create an inspiring environment. All wood used in the cabinets consists of 85% recycled wood. The remaining 15% comes from residual flows from the wood industry and thinner wood from sustainable forest management.  

The Cubics are available with small (400 x 400 mm) boxes, high (800 x 400 mm) boxes or with double (800 x 800) boxes. Planters, open boxes, one-sided closed boxes with or without lock are available on request. Each row of Cubics has a shelf and a widened shelf on top of the cabinet. The shelves are available in standard decor or with planqtextile. If you choose a closed box, it is standard equipped with a push-to-open closure, other closures are available on request. 

Shelves and lockers:

Recycled textile biocomposite 


20 x 20 mm Powder coated tube


400 x 400 mm
400 x 800 mm

Custom made



Planq - Recycled textile biocomposite 
Custom made shelves, lockers or open boxes.